Chess for Chicas: How to Play Chess and Love It

Chess for Chicas: How to Play Chess and Love It is a girls guide to learning the basics of how to play chess. Written by 9-year old Sophie Gutter, the book is designed to help girls (and boys) learn to love chess the way she does. It introduces the chess board and pieces, teaches kids the basics for how to play the game, and integrates chess tactics and strategies. It’s a hands-on book for beginners that kids will love reading!



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I loved the book. Within the book, Sophie teaches us how to play chess, and does so in a wonderful way. The book itself is very well organized, using a step by step approach so that any reader can grasp the content. It is also very informative, in that it covers several techniques to tackle an opponent, along with various practice examples. If you follow the steps in the way she describes, you will learn faster and fully love the game sooner than later!

This book is recommended for everyone who loves to play chess.

Ronit Tal Shaltiel, Children’s Book Author

Chess for Chicas is an excellent book that teaches girls how to play chess. This book promotes girls and women in a predominately male field. It is easy to understand for all ages, and appeals to all types of learning styles.

This book provides inspiration and insight for all those who would like to expand their knowledge of the game. It includes quizzes to help you stay involved and remember what you have read, as well as hands on practicing. The book also includes examples of game styles and types you will see while playing with others.

Chess for Chicas teaches the women of tomorrow the game of chess from beginning to end. The first word that comes to mind is exciting. It is exciting to learn something new. Something that can seem so difficult and have it broken down in an easy to understand manner is amazing and very rare.

I will be honest I didn’t know how to play chess. I have had many people try to teach me. However, they are not usually quite as articulate with their words or knowledge of the game. This book makes it much easier to understand. I can’t wait to get some of my friends to play with and show them what I have learned!

Hali Weeks

This informative, well organised book is broken down into step by step techniques with several practice examples.

It was easy to read and fun to follow.

The layout was exciting and even though it’s written for girls this handy guide is perfect for everyone just starting out learning the game.

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Judy MacGregor
Mamma & Bear

I absolutely love “Chess for Chicas.” The way in which Sophie Ella Gutter teaches the game and it’s strategies will inspire beginner to advanced chess students to follow her lead. The presentation is phenomenal. It’s like reading a textbook about the game, and actually learning how to play chess. This is THE BOOK for chess enthusiasts.

Cathy Thompson, Author Heart of the Magpie